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WhatsApp Alternatives Now that Facebook Has Taken Over

Since we’ve  jumped on the wagon and joined the frenzied discussions about Facebook buying WhatsApp. It’s also the appropriate time to provide WhatsApp alternatives for those who abhor anything to do with Facebook. So, if you absolutely hate Facebook’s guts and are thinking to yourself, “blimey! Can’t I get away from the giant blue monster?” Don’t despair! There are other awesome messaging apps that you can migrate to if WhatsApp is no longer doing it for you. The cherry on the icing is that the other messengers are free, free, free!!! None of that US$0.99 business after a year.

Alternative 1: WeChat


China-based WeChat (formerly Weixin) offers its users a variety of ways to connect and share with each another, including messaging, photo-sharing, group chatting, voice and video calling, location sharing and friend discovery.

Alternative 2: Viber


Viber offers free messaging and voice calls to its more than 200 million mobile and desktop users. There is a desktop version of Viber, so users can sync messages from any connected device to their PC. Viber is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and Blackberry.

Alternative 3: SnapChat


SnapChat is a photmessaging app which allows you to send self-destructing snaps. When a user sends a message they get to decide whether it will live for between 1 and 10 seconds. After that it’s kaput! Although, if you’re using Android or iOS you could simply take a screenshot and save the image (wink, wink).

Alternative 4: Kik


One of the rare messaging apps that doesn’t require you to have a phone number, Kik offers free messaging services to its more than 100 million users. Its Android and iOS apps include a built-in browser, so users can browse and search the web, as well as use web apps without ever leaving Kik.

Alternative 5: Tango


Tango offers standard text services, it offers video and voice calls, photo-sharing, in-app games, friend discovery and Spotify-powered music messaging. Tango is available for iOS, Android, and Windows 7 phone. A desktop version is also available.

Happy Migration!

Image credit: PC Tablet