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What To Do If Your DStv Decoder Hard Drive Is Full

There comes a point when a notification on your TV screen lets you know that the decoder hard drive is full, so how do you fix that?

The two possible reasons are that you have saved too many recordings and need to delete them, or that you may need to replace your decoder.

You can try to format the decoder hard drive with the remote control using these steps:

  • Press the blue DStv button
  • Go to Settings
  • Select System Settings
  • Select Reset Decoder Settings
  • Reset to Factory Default and Format Hard Drive
  • Then select Format The Decoder

If the formatting in progress notification persists, take the decoder to the nearest MultiChoice Branch for further troubleshooting and a possible swap.

You may also follow the guidelines below to help preserve their decoder hard drive:

  • Keep recorded items below 65%
  • Delete already watched items and maintain the disk space in Green
  • Avoid moving the decoder while connected to power
  • Avoid unnecessary unplugging
  • To move the decoder, stop any ongoing recordings, put the decoder on standby, wait for at least 30 seconds then disconnect the power cable
  • Avoid placing items on top of or around decoder to allow enough space for air circulation
  • Do not clean the decoder outer cover with liquids while connected to power. Always use a dry cloth

Customers can also get more information by visiting any of the MultiChoice branches near them.


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