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What Social Media Day is

In 2010, Mashable, who write about everything really, created Social Media Day to fall every year on 30th June as a way to bring all people together on every social media platform there is on the planet. It was also a way to appreciate the impact of social media as a form of global communication.

Various countries have become a part of this and celebrate it in different ways. In Zambia, we celebrated the 2013 Social Media Day by attending a meet-up at technolgy and innovation hub BongoHive, where various social media savvy folks linked up to talk about it. Since then, people participate on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #SMDay to express themselves. Topics  do vary…

Today, 6 years later, Social Media Day is alive and well on social media, hashtag upon hashtag, as people from all over the world take part in showing gratitude for what has become a voice in 1s and 0s, the fastest way to send information across the world in 80 seconds, the best way to market your business, the only way long distance relationships have hope of survival through voice notes and video calls. Who doesn’t want to appreciate all that?

Let us know one thing that social media has made you grateful for in the comments below…


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