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Welcome to the new Facebook Messenger

Source: Facebook

Facebook has launched its new Messenger version called Messenger 4.

What’s new?

Facebook has simplified it.

In a statement, Stan Chudnovsky, VP of Messenger said:

“In a recent Messenger study, 7 out of 10 (71%) people told us simplicity is the top priority for them in a messaging app (1). Among people surveyed who are messaging more frequently, 62% say messaging makes them feel closer to their friends (2). We believe Messenger 4 delivers the closeness and authenticity that you’ve been asking for — through simplicity of design and powerful features that put the focus back on messaging and connecting.”

The new Messenger will roll out in coming weeks.

The Changes

New Messenger 4 will only have 3 tabs instead of 9
  • Messenger will now have 3 tabs instead of 9.
  • All chats, both one-to-one and groups ones will be under one Chats tab.
  • A camera icon will be placed at top of screen for easy capture and share.
  • The People tab is where you will see all your friends, and who is active at that moment,
  • The Discover tab will enable you connect with businesses to get the latest deals, play Instant Games, book your next vacation, follow the news and more.
  • Users will be able to personalize chats with colour gradients for chat bubbles.

“We have a handful of new features we’re planning to introduce in the near future, like Dark Mode, a re-skinned interface that cuts down on the glare from your phone. So take your time, settle in, and we’ll be back with more soon,” – Chudnovsky.

Messenger 4 dark mode (Facebook)


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