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Viannect Insights: Logo vs Brand Identity

Many SMEs fall under the trap that once they have a logo their brand identity is set. However, this is not the case because whereas a logo is an important element of your brand it is not the beginning and end of it.

Logos for years have been the defining mark of many companies and it’s easy to fall for the trap that, that is all your brand needs to get along, however, to have a meaningful logo one must have a brand identity 

What is a logo?

So, what is a logo? Logos can be defined as the visual representation of your organization. They serve to represent the organisation through a visual image that can be understood or recognised.  A logo generally involves symbols, stylized text or both. They’re used to differentiate a company from its competitors and create an emotional connection with customers 

What is brand identity?

This brings us to the second question of what brand identity is. In the same way, we each have personal identities that make us unique, a brand identity is exactly that. It is the different elements of your brand that make it unique. It encompasses the brand culture, voice, values and of course the logo. An organisation’s brand identity is the foundation of how it portrays itself to the public.

How do the two co-exist

As a key component of an organisation’s identity, a logo must try to communicate the brand essence of the organisation. In simpler terms, the logo shows what the organisation represents.  A logo isn’t intended to explain or directly sell a company instead its sole purpose is to identify the organisation in such a way that is memorable and familiar. Therefore, Logo branding is the process of creating a unique visual identity that expresses the values, mission, quality and culture of the brand, that speaks to its identity. 

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