Unity Finance launches UniApp mobile USSD app

Unity Finance has launched the second phase of it’s exciting mobile application called the UniApp aimed at improving customer experience and ease of access to financial loans and services.

Speaking yesterday at the launch event held in Lusaka, Unity Finance CEO Emil Paul confirmed that the UniApp is an addition to the company’s mission to expand its reach in the provision of financial services within Zambia. The second phase of the UniApp has seen changes made which enable clients to perform financial transactions such as payments and rollovers which allows clients a fast time saving solution. In addition, it allows new clients to check their loan qualifications and eligibility.

Unity Finance CEO Emil Paul

An institution that works towards the financial empowerment of the community; Unity Finance has introduced the mobile application in aims to provide easier access to loans for their clients. Founded in 2006, Unity Finance has 19 branches across the country and advances to people from the public and private sectors.

“We realised that the mobile money space in Zambia has incredible potential leading us to introduce and improve on the UniApp. The UniApp is a major step in providing better service to our clients and improving our functionality in responding to the increasing growth of our customer base,” stated Emil Paul, CEO of Unity Finance.

With over 350,000 hits on the UniApp since its introduction in 2017, this facility has proven to be an effective and convenient tool in the operations of the service provider. Existing and new clients now have access to various service options of the UniApp by dialing *414# on all mobile networks.

Source: PR Girl Media, on behalf of Unity Finance

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  • Hello,what are the requirements for someone to get a loan from you?your soft response will be highly appreciated thanks.

    • Hi Olipa, you would have to go to Unity Finance itself to inquire.

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