Uganda’s Kiira Motors creates “Africa’s first solar-powered bus”

Image Credit: BBC

With fuel availability being erratic in a country like Zambia at times, a solar powered vehicle would be very welcome right? In Uganda, a company called Kiira Motors just tested a solar-powered bus. It’s a prototype that they created for urban use at the moment as it has limitations on how far it can travel.

It’s a start though, right?

The solar-powered bus has solar panels on its roof that charge its 2 batteries as it moves, increasing its speed range of 80Km.

Image Credit: BBC

In an interview with the BBC, Kiira Motors’ chief executive Paul Isaac Musasizi said he was humbled by the positive response to the bus. He said by 2018 the production of these buses could create jobs for over 7000 Ugandans, pushing the automotive and manufacturing sector in the country.

He added that for the prototype to get to mass production, however, there has to be support from international companies who manufacture car parts needed to build the bus. If mass produced, each bus would cost about $58000.

The ultimate goal is that by 2039 Kiira Motors will manufacture all the parts and assemble the bus in Uganda.

Are you impressed? Is this something you would like to ride?

Source: BBC


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