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Twitter introduces a new “Connect” tab


Twitter has launched a new feature to its app called Connect, an additional tab that Twitter says will help its users engage much more than they already do.

“This experience provides a fast and easy way to connect you to accounts you may be interested in, or to reconnect you with old friends on Twitter through your device’s address book.”

Is it necessary, though?

Connect will do just that by giving users recommendations of people to follow (wasn’t ‘Who to follow‘ enough?) or adding suggestions from your synced phonebook about who’s on Twitter and you can follow them. #F4F style…

If you have blocked a user in your phonebook, they will not appear as a suggested tweep either.

It will also tell you why  a particular user has been recommended, as in, you’ll have person A as a suggested user to follow because you follow person B (this all sounds like an Instagram explore menu…).

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

The Twitter update with the Connect tab is available on iOS and Android.


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