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Twitter Changes So Far…

Twitter Changes

Oh the addiction that Twitter is! With over 200 million tweets sent every day, the people in charge of the site have to make sure they keep it up, running, and more enjoyable for the customer’s experience.

Lately we’ve noticed a few differences on the Twitter app, from sending pics in your DMs (Direct Messages) to search filters, let’s talk change.

Firstly, not everybody wanted to share pics openly on Twitter so now it’s easy. Simply send to the person you want to share with privately in their DM. Please don’t send nudes. ZICTA will not give you peace if you’re ever caught.

Twitter TimeLine
Twitter timeline with cover photo space looks more like Facebook

On the timeline however, images now have more visibility as they have been enhanced. Figures show that tweets with images get more attention and 150% more retweets than plain text ones.

tweets 150

There’s also been a change in the search option. It now has filters to make searching for things or people much easier (see pic below). You can customise your search to categories.


Composing tweets is on now much easier because it has been placed inline. If you’re using a desktop,  a simple slide to your left will show the tweet composer. Talk about convenience

Also, now more prominent is the number of pop-up ads on our mobile timelines, instead of previously when it used to be found in the “who to  follow” section.  Here’s how it works: advertisers only get charged for every Twitter account that follows them. The accounts are displayed differently, though, with a full Tweet and a follow button inside the timeline in Twitter’s mobile apps.

2014-02-18 10.25.19

Image credit: FastCompany, NoRebbo 



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