The GOtv Value package to offer GOgetters additional channels

On 1 April 2019, GOtv will give customers on the GOtv Value package more reasons to live and love their television entertainment with the addition of exciting new channels on their packages. The GOtv Value package will get a facelift that will see GOgetters enjoy more content with the addition of three local and international channels, Africa Magic Family, Fox Life and Eva+, at no extra cost!

The GOtv Value package will be boosted with additional entertainment for customers to enjoy their digital terrestrial TV entertainment, at affordable value. The new channel additions will allow customers the opportunity to explore a wider range of local and international stories, series and movies.

According to Leah Kooma MultiChoice Zambia Chief Customer Officer, GOtv is committed to continuously keep improving the channel offering and keeping it fresh to ensure that the channels showcase authentic African stories that customers to relate to, customers will enjoy this new content at no additional cost.

GOgetters will be delighted with the vast content that will come with the new channels added to the GOtv Value package. For customers who enjoy African stories there is Africa Magic Family: a channel that provides television programming that speaks to the African heart! This channel will now be available to GOtv Value. Customers who enjoy exploring international programming there is Fox Life: an entertainment channel featuring a mix of scripted and unscripted content.  Not forgetting EVA Plus: a channel guaranteed to take subscribes into a world of romance, passion and drama, all these channels will be added to GOtv Value package.

Starting Monday, 1 April 2019, GOgetters on GOtv Value will be spoilt for choice so if you’re on GOtv Lite or are not on GOtv, join this package today for quality local and international entertainment.

For more information or to access the electronic programme guide and how to join GOtv Value, visit www.gotvafrica.com today!

Source: MultiChoice Zambia

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  • let hope all those channels will be more interesting, and avoid to repeat the same thing, more especially Africa magic and Disney junior, everyday same cartoons, please work on this

  • Comment *sure ama itafika wakati muanzekutucharge…..our country kenya, free staffs rarely exists

  • Can Zeeworld be added to it,cause people do enjoy it

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