Techtrends Zambia Awards 2021

First held virtually in 2015, the Techtrends Zambia Awards highlight the most innovative and creative technology companies and individuals in Zambia.

The Objective

The Techtrends Zambia Awards are held to recognize the effort in growing the technology industry by various organizations, individuals and innovators, who help to expand the use of technology in various industries in the country.

Nominations are open here before official voting is opened up exactly a month to the event, which will be held on 8th April 2022.

The Techtrends Zambia Awards 2021 consist of categories that span across e-commerce, banking and mobile service providers, and these are:

  1. Tech’s Rising Star – an individual that deserves recognition for their latest contribution to the tech industry over the last year and shows promise for the future
  2. Best Technology Start-Up – the startup that has done the most with their innovation overall in 2021
  3. eCommerce App Of The Year – the best online shopping and trading app
  4. Fin-tech App Of The Year – the best financial services provider app
  5. Health App Of The Year – the best healthcare access app
  6. Food Delivery App Of The Year – the app with the best delivery time, best customer service and quality food handling
  7. Taxi App Of The Year – the most easy to use taxi hailing app with the safest transport options
  8. Cybersecurity Company Of The Year – a cybersecurity company providing the best cybersecurity services fo individuals and organizations
  9. Best Technology Partnership – the best partnership of two companies coming together to use technology for innovation
  10. Best Technology Accelerator – a hub that supports startups to refine their products/services and scale
  11. Best Tech-For-Women Initiative – an initiative that supports and encourages the use of STEM for women in business.
  12. Best Internet Service Provider – the best ISP service providers of data and/or FTTH
  13. Best Banking App – UX/UI, integration with other platforms
  14. Best Mobile Money App – the app with the easiest functionality, has more payment options, and has an easy to use interface
  15. Best Mobile Service Provider – Calls & SMS
  16. Best Technology Infrastructure Company – the company that has the best IT infrastructure such hardware, software, data centers and network resources necessary to deliver IT services to other organizations
  17. The ZICTA Innovation Award – ZICTA to award this to the most promising and innovative technology company in Zambia according the the Regulator.
  18. The State Tech Award – awarded to a true pioneer of technology in the country over the last 5 years. To be presented by the Ministry of Technology and Science on behalf of the Government.

For partnership and sponsorship queries kindly contact techtrendszambia@gmail.com.