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Taonga Kaonga shares the 5 apps every fashionista should have


So you’re a fabulous being, always seeking the best fashion trends and advice on a daily, but just what apps are there to help you with that?

Enter fashionista and blogger Taonga Kaonga. Apart from always looking so fly and blogging, she’s in her final year pursuing a Bachelor’s of Mass Communications degree at the University ofZambia.

When asked what kind of person she is, she says, with a sparkle in her eye, “I like to think I’m an old soul. I love great food, great conversations,  and soulful music. I live for movies,  quotes, flowers, beautiful things basically.”

As for fashion she adds, “For me it’s a lifestyle, it’s a part of me. It’s the most fun way to represent myself.”

So let’s get to the best part, the apps she uses for inspiration:

Instagram: I check out the latest trends on it, and I try to recreate the looks in a way that best fits my personal style.

Twitter: I follow many fashion and beauty handles. It’s like my fashion source for so many great websites that act as guides.

Facebook: Rarely use it though, because most stuff of the shared there I’d have already seen. Maybe I just don’t follow the right pages (LOL), but it’s still quite helpful as I see what my friends are wearing, and I draw inspiration from that.

YouTube: I use it for a lot of DIYs. I learn to teach my tailors, and something is made for me. YouTube is so helpful, because I really don’t have to wait for a particular thing to be in stores when I can just do it myself, or pay someone who can make it.

Tumblr: Ohh, that’s my baby! Probably my favorite! It’s just the struggle of data bundles and what not (*sigh*).
But, yeah Tumblr is so educative on fashion tips and tricks, has good quotes too, definitely a win win.

So there you have it, a fashionista’s secret app stash. What’s her tip for everyone?

‘Have the perfect outfit for all the occasions you could ever imagine of!’

Check out Taonga’s fashion blog here for more 🙂


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