The How to Switch to Android Guide by Eric Schmidt… Our take

Eric Schmidt – Google’s Chairman

The Chairman of @Google wrote a 900 word guide advising his followers, friends and colleagues who use iPhone on how to switch to Android.

The intuitive Stock ROM on the Nexus 5 and skinned version on an LG G2

He argues that Android devices have become better especially those made by Samsung, Motorola and Google’s own Nexus. The improvements, he says, make Android a more ‘intuitive’ operating systems and that the screens are better as well as the hardware giving customers better performance. In clear reference to the recent Gartner report on smartphone operating system market share, Schmidt even remarks that 80% of the world agrees Android is the better platform.

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C
The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

Our take: Samsung is clearly the biggest driver in terms of Android device sales.  Motorola and Nexus are both Google products. With that said, we need to remind our leaders that the basic choice behind your smartphone is that it should meet your needs, allow you to be more productive, creative and stay in touch in an affordable way. Recall that Android is an open-source OS and the design ethos, ease of use and operation of the device are aimed at different kinds of users. If you are looking for a kickass phone with lots of attention paid to design and usability, the iPhone is for you.

If you want more access to more developer options and applications without stringent controls on access to superuser functions, then you are better off on Android where you can simply root a device (and lose your warranty) to be able to rocket fuel it to do just about anything a mobile was meant to do.

As a Zambian user, with experience using Android, I have noted defects and problems with these flagship devices especially those heavily marketed. But we can still highly recommend most of the models on the market work well, or almost perfectly within their manufacturers’ set conditions.

Whether you are shopping for self or others this Christmas, bear in mind a few things:

  1. Camera pixels – almost all models now at least 5 Megapixels, with 2 megapixel front facing for those selfies.
  2. Latest OS – the device should be upgradable to latest OS for the platform easily over a wireless network.Otherwise the buggy work and clog with time makes your phone an annoyance rather than a joy to work with;
  3. Battery life – no need to show off a sleek device that goes into hybernation or off as soon as you done. Get the device that will last throughout your day and let you live your life.
  4. Warranty – with the price on most of the devices, a warranty makes sense when your gadget fails due to no wrong doing on your part; and
  5. Don’t go for fads – the next i or S-something will not open your gate or switch on your lights at home when you are away. Why bother, it is always a good idea to watch the market and get the right value. Like Warren Buffet says, ‘Price is What You Pay; Value is What You Get!’ so think like that about your next tech gadget investment.