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Social Media CAN Help Your Business


Ever wanted to tweet your bank to confirm a transaction? Or maybe you would like to order a pizza by inboxing the pizza place on Facebook? How about being able to handle all your queries that customer care phone lines don’t because either the agents do not pick up or just are absolutely no help?

The business world today and it’s dependence on the internet, social media to be more specific, in selling its products or services cannot be underestimated. If your business/company is not on any, or all social media, you might as well shut down today.

Determine your target market: Who do you want to draw to your business? That’s the first step in establishing yourself on social media. Determine who you want to connect with and show your products/services to.  For example, Zambeef has a promotion running  on their Facebook page where farmers (who they deal with all the time) can put up a #Felfie, which is a twist to a selfie, and post it and they could win meat. It’s a smart move seeing as almost everyone has a phone with a camera so participating is very easy. Plus, farming gets to be tech-forward and  look “cool”.

The Zambeef #Felfie promo on Facebook is a great way to interact with suppliers and consumers
The Zambeef #Felfie promotion on Facebook is an example of a great way to interact with suppliers and consumers

Make a choice of which social media platform, if not all, to use. If you own a boutique for example, you could make use of Instagram or Facebook to post pictures of your clothes and shoes with the prices and availability. This will increase your visibility compared to having a website or even walk-ins. It also helps to help you have some kind of online gallery because the pictures stay online. If you’re a very new business here’s tips on optimizing growth.

Spend time knowing your social media platform. You have to know who you’re dealing with. Find out how to get your social media spot on here. Just avoid being an annoying company. Make sure the people handling your account are actually good at it and know what they’re doing.

Be friends with your clients. Pay attention to the feedback that you get on social media. Most clients are very vocal about what they want from your service/product that they would not otherwise say to you in person or over the phone. They might help improve your business operations because you then know what is needed from you. Call it free sales consultation. An example is our service providers Airtel, MTN and Zamtel’s presence on both Facebook and Twitter.

What social media can do for you according to thismoment.com

Lastly, connect with people in your fields of business. You can learn a thing or two from them especially if you’re a new business. On Twitter and Facebook you can follow hashtags that deal with your service/product, for example, we as TechTrends Zambia could search for a hashtag like #Technology and see the people that are talking about the subject and find people/companies that are of interest to us and follow them. It’s highly possible that they’ll follow back. New connection. Done.

You can also search for your own business service or product name on socialmentions.com and see who’s talking about it to get feedback on your product from the various social platforms around the universe.

Now go get signed up right now and get that business known.

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