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Share Your First Profile Picture On Facebook: The New Trend


The world is hard at it, while Zambia is barely catching on. The latest trend happening on Facebook is sharing your first profile picture so you may want to dig up your past and show the world what you thought was the first appropriate (or highly inappropriate) picture to enter the Facebook world with.

All you have to do is go to your Facebook ‘Profile Pictures’ album and check for the very first one. It may be embarrassing but hey, what’s a little fun?

I’d share mine but I’d have to blur out a whole lot of it. Yes, that showy. Feel free to share your though. It may bring back the humour we have lost over the years. Why is everyone so serious lately?


Next month will be Facebook’s 11th birthday so why not throw back everday (#TBE) till then by sharing your first Facebook profile photo and nominate others to do the same. There is no reason behind it, like there was in the Ice-bucket Challenge last year, for example, to raise funds for charity. Only one foundation has used the Facebook first picture challenge. According to Daily Edge: “People have started donating to Mental Health Ireland as part of the Facebook fad. According to the organisation, they have received over 300 donations of €4…. thanks to one mystery donor who kicked it all off. You can keep this going by texting MHI to 50300. Mental Health Ireland say the money raised from the campaign will go to provide Training Bursaries for people undertaking training in mental health awareness.”

Let’s see if Zambia will jump on the bandwagon.


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