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How to send large files over WeTransfer


You might be wondering how you can send large files to someone via email but your email was totally being a cow and blocking you, talking about ‘your file is too big’ and what-not so here’s a very simple method to go around it. It’s called WeTransfer.

All you have to do is go to www.wetransfer.com and this is what you will see:

WeTransfer home page
WeTransfer home page

Click on the + sign that says ‘add files’ to add what you want to send,  as many as you want but they have to be up to a maximum size of 2GB in total, and then add the recipient’s email address (up to 20 recipients) and type yours right below it. You also have to add a short optional message that will be delivered with the files. You don’t have to sign up for the free version.


The person or people you send the files to will then receive an email with a download link that will lead  them to a screen that will look like this:


There is also WeTransfer Plus which allows you to send files of up to 20GB, but you need to sign up for it. It allows you to personalize the WeTransfer background as well as set passwords for your transfers. The transfers will also be stored on the server so you can resend it anytime or to whoever else you want to send it to. Plus, you have to pay $12 a month for it (roughly K120) or $120 a year (about K1200).

I’d suggest the free version for those of us who hate signing up for stuff because we’re terrible with remembering passwords.

WeTransfer Mobile is also available for Android and iOS.


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