Playing the Smart Way: Launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

Kids-Tab_“Technology is our future and as our future leaders, we need be give these kids a tool that can help them express themselves in the safest, educative and entertaining way possible” said Jaspreet Singh, Business Leader for Handheld Products at Samsung Ghana. This statement was made during a media event briefing announcing the launch of the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, a tablet designed specifically for children this past Christmas.

The device has got such impressive features that even an adult would be interested in owning one. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids can be used by kids as they grow up while parents can also enjoy all the features of a regular tablet by activating the standard mode. A valuable tool of the tablet is that it has a Time Management feature, which allows parents to set specific time periods for use with password protection. When the designated use-time is up, a password protected lock screen will appear on the screen to prevent further use of the device. This would limit the amount of time that the kids spend using the device and prevent them from being completely sucked into the virtual world and shun reality.

Essentially being the children’s version of the Galaxy Tab 3, the Kids Tablet has a 1.2GHz dual processor, 1GB RAM, a 3MP front-facing camera and a 1.3MP rear-facing camera. It also comes with worthwhile accessories like the kids grip cover which comes in different colours, multiple stand options and an ‘easy-to-grip’ C Pen, to help children draw. The device comes with educational tools and safety features. Pre-loaded with six top ranked and globally acknowledged kid’s apps and a new Kid’s Store. The tablet has over 600 activities to cater for children’s entertainment, with content including educational games, entertainment and e-book applications. It is also designed to give parents the opportunity to select the apps they want their kids to have access to, using the Application Manager Control system.

This launch of the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids definitely marks another milestone for Samsung. In a similar fashion, iSchool.zm recently launched the ZEduPad which is Zambia’s first educational tablet. In a nutshell, the ZEduPad is a great tablet and its launch goes to show that Zambia is not technologically lagging that far behind other countries. Innovators in Zambia are slowly but surely tapping from the same idea pool as smartphone and tech giants. In fact, it is quite impressive that iSchool launched their ZEduPad tablet earlier in September before Samsung Ghana launched the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids.


Photo credit: samsung.com and zedupad.com