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Restore old data with Huawei’s new Phone Clone app

Phone Clone 2

The biggest challenge that comes with purchasing a new smartphone has been eliminated by an innovation backed by manufacturer Huawei. Smartphone owners can now transfer the entire data on their old phone to a new one without using an internet connection or cables. This innovation, according to Huawei, will now make it easier for consumers to use a new smartphone without worrying about loss of their photos, contacts, text messages and other valuable information.

“Through the Phone Clone application, consumers can now completely switch phones at the touch of a button, as far as their files are concerned. This is the kind of app that can facilitate consumers to easily purchase a new phone, knowing that their information will be has features that can help them deal with some very pressing needs without the usual challenges that come with data transfer,” says Li Mao, Huawei country device manager.

Phone Clone 1

He adds that consumers are sometimes discouraged from trying a new smartphone brand due to fears that they may not be able to retain their information on a new device. Li Mao notes that with the Phone Clone app, a consumer can purchase a new Huawei device and transfer all their important information from their old device to the new one.

Phone Clone 3

“Contacts, messages, and call logs are imported to the new phone for direct access. Photos, music, videos, and documents are stored in the internal storage of the new phone whose directory name is the same as that of the old phone,” says Li Mao.

He says that the Phone Clone app is a true demonstration of upgrading a smartphone gadget without losing valuable information. Consumers have always faced the challenge of having to maintain more than one phone because of their contacts, photos, music and other information but Li Mao believes the app could change the way consumers interact with their smartphones.

“Transfer of files is faster than Bluetooth, making sure that consumers enjoy a fast, free and easy to access platform. In addition, one can transfer files from any device without restrictions. For example, if a current smartphone user has a device operating on Android or iOS 5 systems, they can easily transfer their files to a new Huawei device without losing any of the important work or personal information they have stored on their old device.

The Phone Clone app is available for download from the Google Play store.