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Press Release: Huawei Mate 8 smartphone to launch on Zambian market

Image Credit: Huawei

Huawei is set to introduce its eagerly anticipated flagship smartphone, Mate 8, in Zambia, targeting high-end users and cementing its position as one of the leading smartphone players in the world.

The phone comes with advanced security features and long battery life and will appeal to users with a busy business lifestyle. Users of the Mate 8 will benefit from security features that allow owners to wipe the phone’s data remotely in case it gets lost.

Speaking in Lusaka, Huawei Country Device Manager Li Mao noted that the Mate 8 smartphone boasts significantly enhanced power, efficiency and battery life to help maximise phone usage even during power surges.

“Professional smart phone users have a lack of choice when it comes to devices that meet their requirement. We have tried to keep this in mind when positioning the Mate 8. It is perfectly suited to business users with its large battery, super-efficient rapid charging, large screen and additional security features. Work life balance and increased productivity is what we wish for all our Mate 8 users.”

Li Mao added that Zambia has in recent years seen a high smartphone usage putting into consideration the growing consumer base that wants to be associated with premium products.

“The soon to be launched Mate 8 is the beginning of a series of high end products that will be entering into the market in 2016 as we aim to meet our customers’ needs,” he said.

Image Credit: Huawei

Featuring the most powerful chipset, a high-capacity battery and stylish design – including a unique mocha brown color option – the Huawei Mate 8 is the ideal smartphone for today’s on-the-go professional. The Mate 8 is designed from the ground-up for productivity and its hardware and software have been fine-tuned to provide an elegant, efficient experience.

The device strikes a balance between high performance and long battery life, enabling people to stay connected and be more productive in every aspect of their lives.

Equipped with a 4000mAh high-density battery, the Mate 8 delivers industry-leading power efficiency offering over two days of normal usage. And with rapid charging technology, the phone is able to charge a day’s worth of power in just 30 minutes. In fact, regular users can go without charging their phone for 2.36 days, and heavy users can go without charging for 1.65 days. The Mate 8 also features advanced six-layer thermal mechanics, which allows higher heat dissipation, leading to an excellent handling experience and lower power consumption.

You can see all the specifications here.

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