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Press Release: Fibroniks Xtra

Fibroniks Extra
Fibroniks Extra

CEC Liquid Telecom Zambia is excited to announce the official launch of their Fibroniks Xtra campaign. The milestone campaign will offer customers 2 months of free fibre to the home internet connectivity.

This unprecedented offering puts Zambians at par with the world’s best internet quality. Customers can experience faster internet that is highly reliable on CEC Liquid Telecom’s world-class network.

To enjoy Fibroniks Xtra, simply subscribe to the service through any of CEC Liquid Telecom’s resellers; you will then get free fibre installation to your home! And if you stay connected for 10 months you will get 2 months of FREE connectivity thereafter.

The campaign drives its inspiration from all the “Xtra” possibilities and attainable achievements one can accomplish with access to the World Wide Web at world-class speeds.

Be it catering to one’s entertainment needs from popular platforms such as Netflix, or upgrading software and work operations, CEC Liquid telecom’s Fibroniks rewards you with “Xtra” to achieve extra.

As CEC Liquid Telecom we have shown that we believe in providing extra through our expressed infrastructure commitment that has manifested in over USD$ 1 million investment in infrastructure for this campaign.

CEC Liquid Telecom Managing Director, Mr. Andrew Kapula explained that currently this campaign has been rolled out for residents in the Lusaka areas of Kabulonga and Sunningdale.

There are already plans, however, to extend the promotion to other areas within Lusaka, i.e. Rhodes Park, Arcades, Northmead, etc.

Subscribe to Fibroniks Xtra through any of CEC Liquid Telecom’s resellers, i.e. Hai, Microlink, iWay Africa, Paratus and Telplus.

CEC Liquid Telecom; building Zambia’s digital future!

5 thoughts on “Press Release: Fibroniks Xtra


    Please advise if fibrosis will be tolled out to Copperbelt towns.

    • Good evening Rabson,
      We can provide a dedicated line to our customers on the Copperbelt.

      Please get in touch in touch with us on +260 211 374 600 for more details.

      Kind Regards.

      • By dedicated line, what do you mean? Is that dedicated line providing internet 24/7 at the same price like in the areas where you are piloting?

      • *Only available in the posh neighbourhoods and dense commercial centers. (Sadly)

  • This is great. However, CECs obsession with upper middle-class areas is hurting their business. There are tons of people in Chilenje South, Chalala, Lilayi etc that would love this service. But I guess they’d rather pretend that we don’t exist. *shrugs*

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