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What platforms social media marketers are using

If you’re a social media manager you’ll agree with the stats in the chart below on which apps you use, and of you’re n ordinary social media user, these would be the apps you see the most ads or pots from business on.

These numbers are from a study by Social Media Examiner based on 5700 social media marketers. We see that Facebook takes the lead at 94%, followed by Twitter at 68%. LinkedIn’s at 56%, Instagram at 54%, YouTube at 45% and Pinterest at 30%. Snapchat is the least used platform for social media marketers at only 7%. Most of its users are individuals, not businesses.

In Zambia, these numbers for many social media marketers and the apps they use would look about right, with the lead marketing apps being Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and to some extent, the WhatsApp app.


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