Social Media

Pinterest Wants to Predict your Interests


Pinterest is a social network where you go and find stuff you love and then pin it on your profile. This way, it keeps all your interests in one place and you can also see what your friends pin to their boards. Now, Pinterest will be customising recommendations based on your existing pins. Apparently, the more you pin, the more changes you’ll see. Seemingly, this is in an effort “to make Pinterest as relevant as possible for each person so it can be a place you can find and save all of the things you love, even if you didn’t even know you were looking for them,” the company explains.  According to a report released by Adobe, social media is now driving huge increases in paying customers to retail sites. That is why it makes sense for Pinterest to create new ways to discover Pins. The easier the company can make it for its users to find more content to engage with, the more of them will keep coming back.