Paranoia is good; Zuckerburg covers up

On Tuesday Instagram celebrated 500 million users. A huge milestone by anyone’s yardstick. To celebrate the fact, the owner of Instagram posted a picture with an Instagram cutout to celebrate.

Zuckerburg celebrates Instagram success
Zuckerburg celebrates Instagram success

I will not go into why he did not share the picture on the platform itself or used a cardboard cutout to celebrate 500 million digital users. Maybe the event was not large enough for his 34th post; he is not a big user of Instagram. The biggest reveal in the picture is the level of paranoia or rather security on display.

The picture shows Mark Zuckerburg resorting to old-school security to keep himself digitally safe. He has sealed up his webcam and microphone port using tape. No hi-tech fixes here, just what looks like sellotape and insulation tape. I have circled the security devices in the picture below.


When the man who is in charge of companies that monetise our need to share every waking moment tapes his digital sharing tools, you must ask – am I secure? According to the Register, Facebook has spent $16 million on keeping its CEO digitally secure in the last 5 years including;

Last year (2015), the social media giant spent $4.26m on “home security” for The Zuck; the year before that $5.6m.

I wonder how well your free anti-virus is working for you? If you need cheap insulation tape I am selling!


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  • Educated Villager

    Good point Vinni. I thought I was the only one that covers my webcam. I’m paranoid about privacy and not sure whether I should laugh or cry that I’m not alone in this. So, do you guys spy who’s posting on your website too? Explains my webcam paranoia.

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