Nyamuka Zambia 2017 competition to launch in March

Image Credit: Nyamuka Zambia

Nyamuka Zambia has announced that their business plan competition for 2017 will launch in March so if you’re a startup in any field that has a solid business plan and hopes to  get K250,000 in funding, get ready to apply.

Last year’s winner was Musanshi Chiluba who owns a button mushroom business and her plan was to double her output and compete with other producers in the southern African region.

I would like to sincerely and immensely thank Nyamuka Zambia for their wonderful initiative of creating the Nyamuka Zambia Competition…and all the people in the team for your endless hard work and encouragement to pursue our dreams. This is only the beginning of bigger and better things to come. Thank you.” – Musanshi Chiluba

In December the Zambia Institute of Marketing recognised the Nyamuka Zambia competition for 3 awards:

(i) First Runner Up Best Product Launch Event
(ii) First Runner Up – Most Creative Radio Advert
(iii) Second Runner Up – Best Brand Campaign of the Year 2016

If this is the first time you’ve ever heard of the Nyamuka zambia competition here are a few key facts about it:

  • Nyamuka Zambia is a business plan competition.  It will take lots of work but if you are successful you could get that big break to make your business dreams come true
  • The total prize fund is K2,000,000.  There are 20 winners, with a top prize of K250,000
  • Free advice clinics and business essentials workshops are available to help you apply and plan for your business so you are on the right track
  • Open to Zambian-based new start-ups and existing businesses with fewer than 50 employees
  • Get connected to a whole new world of business opportunities
  • Your business ideas remain confidential until the semi-final stage and all judges and advisors are independent and impartial business experts who will respect the privacy of your business idea
  • There is an entry fee of K150 payable when you apply and we see this as an investment in your business future

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