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MTN Zambia has shine too! Sorry, Shyne II


They say cheap is expensive, we say no it isn’t. For a while at least. Almost every weekend people get to lose phones (in drinking sprees usually). We might have a solution while you wait for your replacement or while you track down your phone: Meet MTN Shyne II.

Not only do we need this phone after we lose an old one but you could get it for your kids to stay in touch, your family in the village who you need to communicate with and just for yourself if you need a secondary phone.

It’s a simple little black phone that has a single SIM provision and a battery that will last you even 2 days depending on your usage, which shouldn’t be much because you’re not using the internet as much as you would a smartphone but guess what? You can actually connect to Facebook with the Shyne II. All you need is a T-flash to enable this.

A T-flash is simply another memory card format  but with a much smaller storage space, the highest being known to go up to 128MB. It just allows you to have enough space to run your Facebook application on this phone so you can still stay connected to people because c’mon, almost everybody is on Facebook, even if they aren’t active.


Need entertainment when bored? Luckily the Shyne II comes with an FM radio so you can listen to your favourite radio stations, or if you’re into car racing, it comes with an F1 racing game. You can even have a few songs on it too, seeing as it comes with an MP3 player installed.

Loadshedding in Zambia gets to even the best  of us so the flash light that this handy little phone comes with is perfect for the dark occasion. It’s also handy when walking at night in our unlit streets in some parts of town.

The Shyne II charges using a mini USB charger which we found annoying because those chargers are so phone-specific. We wished it could have come with a normal size charger which most phone manufacturers are using when making their phones. Anyway, if fully charged, battery can last you more than a day so you don’t have to panic about any “battery low’ beeps and signs.


Did we mention it’s only K60? Well it is. Go get yourself one ASAP because they are pretty much on high demand.

It won’t do everything you need in a phone, but it’s worth the price. It’s not meant to last you years of usage. It’s almost disposable. That’s why after a while, you have issues like network failure or your microphone and earpiece don’t work anymore.


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