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Pay Attention to the Mobile Content Revolution

Mobile Content RevThe mobile content revolution is upon us and we actually have a shot of catching this digital wave. Or do we? Essentially the mobile content revolution is the dramatic change in how we consume online content in light of the hand-sized computers in our pockets. These gadgets have us connected and consuming content 24/7, depending on your data bundle subscription. Smartphones, tablets, and even phablets are among some of the gadgets driving this revolution. Very soon, wearable tech will also be joining the bandwagon of devices. Mobile expert, Holly Hamann of Tap Influence, explains that, “over half of all internet traffic now comes from mobile.” What this means is that mobile has become a leading driver in this content-focused phenomenon.

According to the article by John Hall, consuming content 24/7 is particularly aiding us in making purchase decisions. While this statement rings true in the Western world, it is loaded with so much untapped potential for us in the global south. If this revolution is properly harnessed, Zambian consumers would no longer need to admire or wish to purchase goods and services whenever and wherever they are.

It has become absolutely essential for brands to completely understand which platforms best speak to their ideal audience and then delve into which types of content are best suited for these platforms to effectively grow their influence. The fact is that, advertising is no longer about viewership numbers but rather establishing a relationship with your customers. And relationships take work. It usually depends on how your audience wants to interact with your brand and if you listen carefully, you will know. Some of the platforms cited by Hall in delivering dynamic content for smart distribution are, among others, Facebook Open Graphs, Twitter Chats, and Topsy. Companies in every industry that are using the rise of mobile to implement smarter, timely content creation and distribution strategies will no sooner become leaders in their niche.

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