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Microsoft has released low-budget $20 Nokia 105 smartphone

Microsoft has announced the launch of its low-budget $20 Nokia 105 phone. However, that’s $20 before local taxes so it will be slightly more to purchase in Zambia when it gets here.

You can see the video showcasing the phone above.

According to Microsoft, the phone is an upgrade from its predecessor the Nokia $20 phone comes with the following features:

  • Runs on Nokia Series 30+
  • 20% more audio playback than its predecessor to enable users hear more clearly even in loud environments
  • Has space for 2000 contacts
  • Comes in single or dual SIM card options
  • Comes with a 4MB RAM and internal storage of
  • 1.4 inch screen

  • 2G network compatible
  • Takes in micro-SIMS.
  • 15 hours of call time on a single charge of its BL-5CB 800mAh battery
  • Built-in FM stereo and 2 free games (Bubble Bash 2 and Snake Xenzia)
  • Built-in flashlight
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Comes in cyan, black and white

You can choose the dual-SIM Nokia 105 if you want both your numbers in one device. The phone is ‘perfect for those looking to own their first mobile phone or for those needing a reliable back-up phone for travel and fun’, says Microsoft.

What is shocking is the space is so small for people seeking to ‘travel and have fun’, with the fact that it does not have a camera, even VGA level at the very least. I have reservations about what apps may work with this phone and how long it will take to connect to the internet, seeing as it’s only 2G enabled.

The phone is made of hard material so you don’t expect to have any cracks or scratches on the Nokia 105, unless you’re really super-clumsy.

It’s great for very young children as a first phone (I agree with Microsoft) or for the elderly who do not need too fancy a phone. This way both your kids and grandparents stay in touch with each other while you tap away on your high-end 4G device, undisturbed. Genius if you ask me!

The phone is yet to reach Zambia so local pricing will have to be confirmed later from major phone retailers.

Images source: Microsoft


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