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Microsoft Dumps ‘Nokia’ Label on New Lumia 535


It had been expected that Microsoft would drop the Nokia name and replace it with their own on their Lumia range of phones and they have made that official move with the new low-budget Microsoft Lumia 535.

The phone is expected to come with 3G connectivity and will be dual SIM, obviously catering to regions that can not afford to own two or more handsets for different networks. We’re guessing Asia and Africa.

The Microsoft Lumia 535 will sell for between $130-140 before taxes so expect a slightly higher price if ever brought to Zambia.

Other features of the phone are that it will have a 5MP front camera so it’s perfect for selfies or video calls, which to be honest is great value for the price tag it comes with.


The 535 has a 5 inch screen which is large enough for viewing especially media but do not expect sharp images with its 960×540 pixel resolution. It will come in a range of colours (green, blue, orange, white, grey and black)as well and has the same curvy edges as its predecessor, the Nokia Lumia 530. By the way, the covers will be replaceable so you can keep changing to whatever colour you want.


The Lumia 535 also will get your data needs quite met with its 1.2 GHz processor. It comes with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, but you can always slide in a microSD card of up to 128GB if you really need more space. Its operating system (OS) is Android

The battery size in the Microsoft Lumia 535 is not so impressive at 1905mAh so you do expect only a few hours, say 2 or 3, of continuous use.

In the deal Microsoft signed when acquiring Nokia, there were conditions to use the Nokia tag for a limited period. Looks like that period is here. With its low budget series of phones, the 500. 600, 700 and 800 series, we can expect high demand for cheap but smart mobile technology in areas that are generally considered middle or low income. The only thing killing the business is the tax rates when shipping these phones to those locations.

Image Credit: The Register, Trusted Reviews, Gizmodo


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