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Microsoft to bring back retro Windows Start Menu


After what has been an outcry from society, Microsoft has plans to bring back the conventional Windows Start Menu that has been there from the beginning of time. The new menu that took its place on Windows 7 and 8 OS have been unaccepted by a lot of people so they decided to do what’s right by the masses.

The Start Menu disappeared in many Windows 7 and 8 operating systems and users didn’t like the new look. Microsoft is set to roll out Windows 8.1 this year but it has no plans of reinstating the ┬ámenu which they say will only come in a later OS update.

For now we still have to stick to the Windows Start menu that has a tile interface on our screen until they decide to let us have our dearly beloved old menu back.

The older Windows Start Menu
The older Windows Start Menu, oh how we need you back

Agreed the new Windows Start Menu tile interface is bright and fun and yes it’s great for touchscreen devices but sometimes it just gets a little hectic trying to get to your required program. The old menu was simpler and straight forward and always in the bottom left corner, ready for your command.

We will keep you updated on any changes.

Pictures courtesy of Eight Forum and Microsoft




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