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‘Me Too’: Social media coming together against sexual harassment & abuse

There has been hundreds of people online, mostly women, posting the status update ‘Me Too’ over the past few days and you may be wondering why.

The ‘Me Too’ movement happening on social media is to speak  up on sexual harassment that many women and girls go through both online and offline in the circles they are in. This was sparked by the whole Harvey Weinstein case of an American movie producer who has now been alleged to have sexually harassed so many actresses in Hollywood and beyond, who are speaking up agianst him now. You can see that full story here.

The point of this blog is to show how solidarity of a common cause doesn’t have to take pace physically. even social media works! The power of a device connected to the internet for a cause can never be underestimated. Both men and women shared their sentiments on sexual harassment and abuse:

I believe no woman or girls has to experience harassment and bullying online, and we fully stand with everyone who has ever been through it, so here’s another ‘Me Too’ to add, for my experiences online and offline.


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