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Local Startup Spotlight: Insaka App

Insaka App is a social network mobile app platform designed to support group leaders and event organizers, helping them to manage social, family, corporate or small business groups and events more efficiently. Insaka offers a dramatically improved experience online for everyone who wants to use the internet to lead a richer and more satisfying real-world social life. It was founded by Petra Chikasa and Mukandi Siame (pictured above).

Petra studied International Relations & Development and has dedicated her career to promoting local tourism, both professionally and through her personal blogging. She has also worked to advocate for the right to education of women and girls in Zambia.

Mukandi is a brand strategist and writer who is passionate about literacy. Their combined lived experiences as young, Zambian women exploring the world has given them a unique perspective on the shortcomings of traditional social media; it is in this context that they are developing Insaka as a route to a more fulfilling social life.

Insaka has secured an initial commitment of up to US$100,000 in pre-seed funding that is being used over the course of 2022 to build the Insaka MVP (due to launch in April), acquire first users and then add or adapt features in response to user feedback over the coming months. During the first year Insaka will focus on testing, consolidating and expanding its user base in Zambia, but Insaka’s ambitious early-stage growth targets in its home market are the foundation for attracting additional investment and driving regional expansion in 2023.

See more and sign up for updates on the Insaka website, www.insaka.app.


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