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Local App Friday: Deliveries D’lish food delivery service app



Deliveries D’lish is a food delivery service and they are getting quite popular lately so let’s skip to the ‘how it works’ part if you haven’t tried it yet. you have to either download the Deliveries D’lish app (Android or iOS) or visit their website or through their Facebook page, then register your name, with number and address to have deliveries sent to, then  you’ll get an account creation confirmation from them within seconds. Then you can select the restaurant, make your order and wait for your meal. Meals are split into different types of cuisines for ease of choice, e.g. consideration of Muslims and their preference for halaal meat.

Screenshot (45)

I got a K60 gift card for my first order and decided to placed one with Subway Kabulonga but it took about an hour to get to me, rather than 20 minutes due to a power cut at Deliveries D’lish who couldn’t see my order earlier, but were kind enough to call and explain, and apologize. Subway is just one of its food places to order from. They have a whole list of restaurants to choose from for different tastes.

In-between the order placement and delivery you will get emails notifying you of how far the food’s coming along, from when the order was placed to when it was ordered:

Screenshot (46)

I don’t have a picture of the sub I ordered because, well, hunger, but take my written word for it that it came in one piece.

If you need to ask a few question like pricing, payment options, group lunch orders and delivery times here you go:

Screenshot (47)

Check it out and let me know what your own experience will be like, or was if you’ve used this service before. If you need their contact details for more information or to sign up as a restaurant, click here.


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