Liquid Telecom has a new MD!


In Zambia, Liquid Telecoms, a joint venture between Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) and the Liquid Telecoms Group,  is one of the leading telecoms companies and now they have a new man in town, welcoming Mr Andrew Kapula, to take up the position of Managing Director.

Mr Kapula will be expected to forge ahead with the company’s directive in expanding its wireless and fibre connectivity infrastructure (with regards to GPON and LTE) in Zambia.


According to the official press release, Mr Kapula ‘will be overseeing CEC Liquid Telecom Zambia’s expansion into new vertical markets and the diversification of its product portfolio including regional and international IP backhaul, transit and leased lines for mobile operators and multi-sited business institutions’.

What’s his background story? Well, he’s been working at CEC for over 17 years so he must know the ropes really well. He has been in different roles in the company in the IT department and even was a part of planning of the initial fibre infrastructure that works alongside its power network.

Liquid Telecom has already managed to spread 1200km of fibre countrywide with direct access to the award winning Liquid Telecom Group’s network.

The CEC Liquid Telecom board now consists of Mr. Andrew Kapula, Mr. Nic Rudnick, Mr. Garth Schooling, Mr. Wellington Makamure, Mr. Michael Tarney and Mr. Hanson Sindowe as the Board Chairman.

Speaking at his appointment Mr Kapula said, “Zambia has a highly competitive telecoms market. CEC Liquid Telecom has a well-deserved reputation for quality, reliability and good customer service.  It’s great to be leading the team in Zambia and we will be working extremely hard to increase our market share, penetrate new markets and continue to provide businesses and homes with the fastest and most reliable broadband service in the country, coupled with outstanding customer service.  Liquid Telecom is building Africa’s digital future and I share the company’s belief that everyone should have access to fast broadband.”

We share that belief too. But we need that ‘belief’ to become a reality as soon as possible. The internet speeds in Zambia are generally too slow compared to other countries. For tech’s sake we hope the new management under Mr Kapula will bring about better services.

In the meantime, we wait…

Image Credit: Sisystems, BizTechAfrica


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