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Liquid Intelligent Technologies Launches Complex Solutions

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, is proud to announce the launch of its Complex Solutions unit in Zambia. With this offering, Liquid is adding an innovative expansion to the tailor-made solutions and services that will help it meet the unique needs of local businesses.

“With the rebrand to Liquid Intelligent Technologies two years ago came the promise that we are more than just a telecoms provider. We are an intelligent technology solutions company in Africa working towards bringing an increased focus on the digital needs of businesses and enterprises in Zambia as they continue on their digital transformation journeys”, said Mark Townsend, Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia.

With the country’s internet penetration increasing from 6.5% in 2010 to 21.2% at the beginning of this year, and over four million Zambians now online, Zambia has a mounting demand for digital services and solutions. The Complex Solutions unit will offer world-class, tailor-made ICT solutions, made possible through Liquid’s partnerships with global suppliers and vendors.

The Complex Colutions unit dovetails intuitively with many of the offerings Liquid has in place. With the availability of Azure Stack in Zambia, Liquid has been helping businesses with their compliance and regulatory issues, allowing them to store data within the county. Additionally, the launch of the Cyber Security Fusion Centre in March this year has brought businesses peace of mind with end-to-end 24/7 managed cyber security solutions. This new business offering is effectively a managed service for clients, customized for each and every customer, that will streamline processes and allow them to concentrate on maximizing their profits.

With this investment, Liquid is yet again reaffirming that it is a digital service provider of choice for organizations of all sizes in Zambia. The ability to offer businesses custom-built solutions catering to their specific needs is the catalyst needed to help Zambian businesses level the playing field with their international counterparts on the continent and beyond.

Source: Liquid Intelligent Technologies

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