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Komba Malukutila – MTN Zambia Business, “digital solutions will deliver efficiency to businesses”

Komba Malukutila


My name is Komba Malukutila and I’m the Senior Manager: Enterprise Client Services at MTN Zambia, telecoms professional and mentor. I have worked for MTN for 7 years, a period in which I have held several roles and responsibilities in Information Technology, Mobile Financial Services and now Enterprise Business.

Digital technology is changing the game for multiple businesses and entire industries these days. Technology is disrupting the old ways of doing business with customers, as well as altering business interactions with suppliers, partners, and even employees. Growth in Africa’s technology space is rapidly changing the continent’s macroeconomic landscape. Most African businesses are embracing wide-ranging communication solutions for voice, data & video, increasing internet access, and making IT a crucial part of their growth strategy

Through the vast array of digital solutions MTN Zambia will deliver efficiency, automation and customization to your business that will ensure increased shareholder value for you, our customer

MTN will deliver this vision through 3 keys initiatives, infrastructure, product development and customer service.

Infrastructure – The foundation from which we propel our innovative, reliable and scalable solutions. MTN Zambia has embarked on infrastructure development on a scale never seen before. We have just concluded our Lusaka to Nakonde and our Kapiri to Kalumbila underground fibre links.  These fibre links form part of our 3 year 6,000KM fibre plan that will see every international border connected to the MTN network and ensure MTN Zambia develops into a regional fibre hub. MTN Zambia has begun its GPON fibre solution delivering high speed connectivity to your homes and business, with a target of 1500 new connections in 2016 alone. In those hard to reach fibre areas MTN Zambia has also continued its vast and rapid 4G LTE roll out which will see 4G connectivity in every province and City country wide.

Product Development – MTN Zambia’s rich portfolio of solutions is the key differentiator between MTN and all the other industry players on the market. Along with our voice and Mobile Data offerings, MTN continues to deliver a rich range of cutting edge products. In 2016 alone, MTN Zambia launched its 4G Home internet solution, now being enjoyed by over 9,000 dwellings. Global MPLS, which can now provide you with connectivity to over 150 countries globally and every town in Zambia. We also have APN/VPN which provides secure branch to branch or device to device connectivity for your office WAN connectivity. MTN is now the partner of choice and is delivering the APN/VPN service to over 300 corporates in Banking, Mining, Agriculture and other industry verticals nationwide. Through our Machine-to-Machine (M@M) product offering we now have over 6000 POS Sims in the market and over 3,000 independently tracked moveable assets. The MTN Zambia cloud offering has over 120 specialized software services that include Microsoft 365, Cloud IVR and backup/hosting to name a few. Through our mobile advertising and bulk SMS solution, MTN Zambia provides its customers with access to a massive market place at the click of a button. Through Mobile Money we can solve your bulk payment solutions, automated collection services and swift real-time cash transfer both nationally and internationally.

Superior customer experience delivered through high service levels ensures our key customer satisfaction, peace of mind and long term reliability to ensure consistent uptime on services, MTN Zambia has built a state of the art Network operation center that operates 24/7 to ensure all services are continuously monitored and through our high class support structure will provide rapid deployment of our field teams when required. MTN Zambia has a world class Tier 3 Data center in Lusaka with multiple additional switching centers country wide, to ensure continuous uptime on services. Our connectivity to 5 undersea cables through 3 separate border routes ensures full redundancy on our internet access. As an enterprise customer, you are provided with a key service coordinator that ensures smooth provision of all the contracted solutions and an optimized service delivery.

Solutions, are what ensure MTN moves from being your supplier to your business partner. The combination of infrastructure, product and service is how the solutions are created for you our customer. Whether you need to track your assets, increase your market reach, require a full fintech solution, reduce cost through optimization, communicate at multiple levels 24/7 or automate your supply chain processes, then MTN has the solution for you, our partner.

Lastly we would like to thank you for the cooperation last year and for continuously choosing MTN Zambia Business. Wishing you a prosperous happy new year.

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