Kokoliko, POMPI is About to Help You Find a Job!

Chaka Nyathando, aka, Pompi
Chaka Nyathando, aka, Pompi

Pompi is currently involved in an online job portal called Kokoliko that every job seeker in Zambia will find useful to sign up for. Preferring to go by the name Chaka when associated to this project, Pompi says it has nothing to do with his music career. This will help make finding a job or finding employees much easier, Chaka said.

Chaka started this project after noticing how cumbersome it was for job seekers to move around dropping CVs from door to door. He had done a similar website at school in South Africa but it failed miserably because he hadn’t sorted out the legal issues and people’s CVs would show up when you searched their name in search engines like Google. Many people complained about that so he had to bring  it down.


This is why security is one of the issues he first looked at before anything was implemented. The new Kokoliko site has been designed with the security aspect fully covered. All user data is being stored under a secure database system using HTTPs and SSL and other security protocols. So, apparently the data is very safe.

He also noticed that many people would avoid the whole process of sifting through resumes and would just tell fellow colleagues to find someone they personally know to fill in a job vacancy and the job would never be advertised to the public. With this new platfrom however, experienced employees fit for jobs can now be found compared to just hiring cousins in workplaces.

Apart from music, Chaka has a passion for media and broadcasting especially on the marketing side of it.

The reason for the delay in the launch of his job portal project is because he did not have enough resources, both human and financial. He got help from the people at BongoHive who understood his concept and unshockingly did not think it was impossible. They brought their genius to the project so it will be nothing like we’ve seen before.

The Kokoliko  job portal will allow for a data base to be stored online, after you create an account. You fill in an online CV with all your details, academic qualifications, work experience, et al and when an employer visits site and types in his needs in a prospective employee, all the people with the required skills and academic achievements will be line up for him to view from the most experienced to the least.

It will cut off all the paper work we so often deal with after CV drop offs in most companies and also cuts off the work of shortlisting candidates manually because the portal will automatically shortlist potential candidates for you.

He hopes the portal will also cut down on the need to email your CVs to employers. All they have to do is view your profile on the site and print it out if need be. They can also save the online resume as a PDF file. Simple.

Chaka is optimistic that this is the next big thing for Zambian job seekers and that by the end of year kokoliko.net will be the major  job site for recruitment and postings of vacancies.

However, like we said, it has nothing to do with his music as Pompi or with his label Lotahouse. So don’t go to the site expecting to be signed up.

At a time when technology seems to be advancing in Zambia, this is very convenient. you don’t have to stress about moving miles just to drop off a CV. You can now have it stored online and hope for the best. Please do not forget to update it every so often to increase your chances of being shortlisted. Add whatever new skills or jobs you have acquired.  You never know, it might just be what an employer is looking for.

We can’t wait for Kokoliko to take off in April this year and see how it operates. Keep your eyes peeled!





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