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Kaymu launches its iOS app



Kaymu, Zambia’s leading online marketplace, has launched its mobile app on the iOS platform. The mobile app is all set to make online shopping accessible to even more people, with great features that enable sellers to list products and buyers to select from a wide variety of products at a glance.

With the growing number of iPhone users in Zambia, the Kaymu iOS app is a welcome addition. The Kaymu iOS app has a slightly different rendering from Android app with a sleek font and intuitive layout. The new iOS app along with the existing Android app is bound to generate even more mobile traffic. At present, 55% of all Kaymu Zambia site visits are from a mobile device. The iOS app will provide sellers with an additional venue to quickly upload products for sale, and give buyers with an iOS device the chance to scout out great deals.

On a related note, internet access in Zambia continues to expand. The Zambia Information and Technology Communications Authority (ZICTA) records the total number of mobile internet subscribers in Zambia to be over 4 million, based on active internet subscriptions calculated towards the end of 2014. About 50% of Zambians living in cities have access to an internet-enabled mobile device, and urban Zambians are more than twice as likely as the average Zambian internet user to conduct transactions online. This boost has led to an e-commerce explosion in Zambia as the number of users accessing the internet via their phones is growing rapidly.

The iOS app will offer a wider product assortment, fast and intuitive navigation, and easier buyer and seller account management.

John Paul Makilya, Kaymu Zambia Country Manager said, “As a long time iPhone user, I’m quite excited about the launch of the new Kaymu iOS app. I’ve already uploaded some items for sale with my iPhone and I’m sure sellers and buyers with iOS devices will definitely enjoy using the new app.”

The iOS version can be downloaded from the App Store. The Kaymu mobile app is also available for download on Android devices from the Google Play Store.