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KaDealo Is Officially Up and Running eCommerce


After briefly introducing you to what the deal is with KaDealo, we’re now giving you the full scoop of how it works, and what traders and customers can expect from this eCommerce site.

Providing a market for merchants and buyers, when you go to the website www.kadealo.com, you will be given signing in or registering options. You have to give your information as shown below.


You can find great deals on goods and services from various merchants all over the country. The deals are in form of vouchers. The whole KaDealo operation works via SMS. You have to text the voucher code to 0968002228 and then you will be sent a reply with a voucher number that you can then present to the merchant to claim the discount off whatever product/service you’re buying.


With regards to the merchants, you have a choice of advertising packages with different bundled offers for how your product/services will be placed and for how long, and how many coupons can be given out.

According to KaDealo co-founder Dynal Patel, KaDealo will also help you determine your target market after establishing who your clientele is. Since clients sign up with information such as date of birth, gender and have a specialized preference list, KaDealo will help get your product/service across to the customers most likely interested in it. However, KaDealo does not give out personal information of any customer registered with them, unless required by Law for any legal reasons. They will also advise merchants on what competitions they can run on their social media platforms, as well as in-store, but still using KaDealo to redeem the voucher for special discounts.

Customers will get emails from KaDealo on what new deals/offers are available just to keep them in the loop of what’s trending, what’s new, and what’s really selling. You can always unsubscribe from such newsletters to stop the promotional emails coming.

Merchants will be able to receive feedback or insights from KaDealo on what deals customers are really into, what’s selling faster than others, and what kind of market is buying the product/service.

KaDealo is the first company that offers two-way messaging across all operators to run national competitions, campaigns. Regardless of what network you’re on, you’ll still be able to access the discounts on the various products/services sold by merchants.

Barbara Nicoll, country manager and co-founder for KaDealo, added that the most important feature was that they have really solid feedback from customers about the deals that they can convey to merchants that they would not get any other way. She also said the targeting of market share using the gender, age and location information helps reach the clients faster on behalf of the merchant, as key preferences are able to be chosen.

The use of social media, with a lot of Zambians having access to Facebook, merchants’ goods are almost always within line of sight. Here’s to trading made easy, and discounted!

About KaDealo’s Founders

KaDealo was co-founded by Barbara Nicoll and Dynal Patel. Barbara is primarily focused on Sales and Operations drawing on her various experiences within Customer Services and Financial Services over the last 12 years in both the UK and Zambia. Dynal is a Co-Founder at KaDealo. He primarily leads the product team in creating the right user experiences and collaborates with Barbara on  the product vision, strategy and development. Dynal draws on his experience as a mobile interaction designer at Microsoft Research, and is a veteran product manager that has launched numerous consumer and business products and services for Vodafone Group.



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