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Jacana IT Solutions: Your One-Stop Shop for Modern Workplace, Cyber Security, and Cloud Services

In today’s digital age, every organization needs reliable and secure IT infrastructure to stay competitive and agile. Jacana IT Solutions provides a range of services to help businesses build a modern workplace, enhance their cyber security posture, and migrate to the cloud. With a team of experienced IT professionals and a track record of delivering successful projects, Jacana IT Solutions is the go-to partner for organizations that want to leverage technology to achieve their goals.

Modern Workplace: Enabling Your Employees to Work Anytime, Anywhere

With more employees working remotely in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses need to ensure that their infrastructure and operations are stable and secure. Jacana IT Solutions helps businesses to build a modern workplace that empowers employees to work from anywhere, on any device, securely and efficiently. The services include stabilizing infrastructure and operations during work-from-anywhere, effective license position assessments, Office 365 governance, endpoint management, and end-user satisfaction programs. They also offer modernization workshops that help organizations to adopt new communication tools and protect sensitive data.  

Cyber Security: Protecting Your Business Against Evolving Threats

As cyber threats become more sophisticated, organizations must be proactive in protecting their networks, devices, and data. Jacana offers a range of cyber security services to help businesses defend against threats and comply with regulations. These services include Microsoft 365 security assessments, building an information security strategy, building a cloud security strategy, building a zero-trust roadmap, Azure Sentinel proof-of-concept (PoC), defending against threats with security information and event management (SIEM) plus extended detection and response (XDR) PoC, secure identity and access workshops, and security process and technology effectiveness assessments.

Cloud: Migrating to the Cloud with Confidence

Cloud computing has become an essential component of modern IT infrastructure, enabling businesses to scale up or down quickly, reduce costs, and enhance security. Through Jacana IT, businesses will be able to migrate to the cloud smoothly and securely, with services that include building a data classification minimum viable product (MVP) for Microsoft 365, modernizing communications workshops, small enterprise management and governance diagnostics, CIO business vision workshops, security governance and management scorecards, and IT security business satisfaction and alignment assessments. 

According to Jacana IT Solutions Zambia MD, David Bland, “We are committed to helping businesses achieve their goals by providing them with the best technology solutions. We believe that technology is a key driver of growth and innovation, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this revolution.”

Jacana IT Solutions CEO, Joe Ashley, also shares this sentiment, stating, “Our mission is to help businesses unlock the power of technology and achieve their full potential. We are passionate about what we do, and we are constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.”

In summary, Jacana IT Solutions can help businesses to:  

  • govern their Office 365 software licensing agreements and ensure that they are fully compliant with all relevant regulations.
  • build a cloud security strategy that protects their data and ensures compliance
  • build a Zero Trust roadmap that reduces risk and improves security. Zero Trust is an approach to cybersecurity that assumes that every user, device, and application is potentially compromised. 
  • implement Azure Sentinel and ensure that it is fully optimized for their needs.
  • build a data classification MVP for Microsoft 365 that ensures that sensitive data is properly protected.
  • implement an Endpoint Management Proof of Concept that ensures that all devices are properly managed and secured.
  • secure their identities and access with a workshop that covers best practices and industry standards. Identity and access management is a critical component of cybersecurity. 
  • modernize their communications with a workshop that covers the latest trends and technologies.

CEO Joe Ashley adds, “We understand that every business is different, which is why we take a tailored approach to every project we undertake. Our team of experts is dedicated to working closely with our clients to ensure that they receive the best possible solution for their unique needs.”

For more details on how to get customized IT solutions for your business by Jacana visit https://jacanaitsolutions.com/, email info@jacanaitsolutions.com or call +260966800550