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Introducing Liberty Credit Solutions

Introducing Liberty Credit Solutions, a registered Micro-finance Institution in Zambia, founded with a clear mission to provide affordable and comprehensive financial services. Liberty Credit is intent on becoming a licensed commercial bank.

As an active participant in the financial services sector, Liberty Credit aims to maximize value by strategically investing and driving economic progress.

Their role is not only catalytic but also aligned with the goal of enhancing the nation’s economic prosperity and creating employment opportunities directly and indirectly through the clients that they support with their financial Products.

Liberty Credit offers various financing products for businesses and individuals working and living in Zambia including Asset financing, invoice discounting, order financing, working capital, salary advances, and other personal financing products.

Their interest rates start from as low as 8%, enabling clients to keep their financial costs manageable and allowing them to invest in long-term growth with affordable capital.

Because Liberty Credit is customer-centric, they are committed to building a technology-driven financial institution enabling their clients and the unbanked Zambian population to conveniently access their products.

They realize that speed is everything; therefore, their brand promise includes quick processing and settlement of client applications, giving clients the flexibility to take advantage of time-sensitive business opportunities and promptly attend to pressing personal needs.

Visiting Liberty Credit today is an invitation to invest in tomorrow, together.

See more at libertycredit.co.zm

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