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Instagram is adding ‘Stories’ to your Explore feed

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Social media network Instagram has announced that you will now see Instagram Stories in your Explore feed from people you might like to follow, as long as their profile is public ofcourse.

It wrote in a blog:

‘We announced Instagram Stories in August as a new feature for sharing everyday moments. Now, with stories on Explore, it’s easier than ever to discover new stories you’ll want to watch.

More than 100 million people visit Explore every day to discover photos and videos from people they don’t yet follow. The new suggested stories section highlights the most interesting stories from across Instagram’s vast global community – and like the rest of Explore, the stories you’ll see are personalized to your interests.’


As you may know, Instagram gives you suggestions of people to follow based on algorithms that detect the people you follow, your searches, and pages similar to the ones you already are fans of.


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