Huawei launches digital inCloud Centre in Africa

Huawei launches the Huawei Digital inCloud Centre (Image Source: Huawei).
Mr. Xin Dajiang, Managing Director of Huawei Eastern and Southern Africa Carrier Business Group, launches the Huawei Digital inCloud Centre. (Image Source: Huawei).

Having a presence in Zambia,  progress made by Huawei is worth noting. The technology company has now launched a Digital inCloud Eastern and Southern Africa regional centre that allows them to “focus on helping carriers introduce global digital services and content easily via an inTouch partner alliance, generating revenue quickly based on global business operation experience sharing.”

This new Centre makes it the 9th one that Huawei has around the world, and will be located in South Africa (no surprises there really!). It has already established 8 others in China, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Dubai, Nigeria, Holland, and Egypt.

Huawei has partnered with MTN in South Africa and Safaricom in Kenya to introduce more innovative services to Africa through this partnership. Huawei Digital inCloud has aggregated over 2,000 partners with over 200,000 games, songs, and videos, and has served over 140 million carrier users. The content covers digital music, mobile games, videos, API openness, traffic monetization, B2B Cloud, and M2M.

“Huawei Digital in Cloud solution will facilitate ease of distribution and trade between consumer, carriers, and partners of digital products/services. This facilitation will be achieved through improved content aggregation, better management of local and global digital content,” said Felix Tang, Director of Huawei Eastern & Southern Region Carrier Software Department.

Mac Taylor, who is chief business consultant for Huawei digital services product line explained that the platform enables Huawei to aggregate partners who provide content services, video services, games and applications on a global platform. Huawei acts as a broker between aggregated content, games, applications and video partners, and bring those to operator customers in local geographic domains. It’s very important for Huawei to work with local partners because there is a lot of talent in every geographical domain but they don’t often have a portal to the world. “

“Through this Digital inCloud Centre we hope to encourage local content providers, local businesses, local applications providers to reach not only consumers in their local markets but also reach a global audience,” said Taylor.

(Quotes sourced from ITWebAfrica)

What exactly does Huawei’s Digital inCloud Service Centre do?

Launched on 4th March, 2014, Huawei’s Digital inCloud service aggregates global partners and services, helping build digital service management and operation platforms, and also provides localized operation services. It will help telecoms companies shape a digital service ecosystem and generate more revenue from those digital services as the Digital inCloud will act as the bridge between partners and telecoms companies in digital product distribution and trading.

This service runs on cloud computing platform to connect all these operations. In Zambia, almost all our content is sourced internationally but with this inCloud service we have an opportunity to create and share local content as well. We just need more developers working on those creations, testing them out until they are satisfied that they make sense for the target market, and working with the local service providers to transmit that content to the end user in its near perfect state for consumption. Everybody almost wins.

It’s a great way to get budding tech-preneurs a chance to work together with telcos and come up with something that suits the environment they are in, i.e. Zambia, and monetize their ideas from their projects rather than sitting sluggish with their ideas in a briefcase… wait… drawer (bar?).

For more details on what Huawei’s Digital inCloud service wants to achieve, click here.


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