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HMD Launches Nokia 2660 Flip Phone

“It can make calls, send texts, and take pictures. It’s even got a torch and an FM radio, and… that’s about it. No panic charging, no distracting notifications – just plenty of battery life, freedom from your socials and the original retro photography. Welcome to the flip side.” – Nokia

HMD, Nokia’s parent company,  has introduced the Nokia 2660 Flip which is meant for those who want to keep it very simple, and nostalgic with their devices. Available in Pop Pink, Red, Lush Green, Black and Blue colours, the nifty little device is perfect to suit your taste.

Lars Silberbauer, Chief Marketing Officer from HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, said: “There’s been a surge of interest in Flip phones, and we believe that the interest is coming from a need to take a break from the constant flow of incoming digital notifications, social media posts and more. People want more simplicity, more face-to-face time, more time to think, and time to have an uninterrupted conversation! I’m sure we all have examples where a beautiful life moment has been spoiled by a distraction or notification. That’s why we are re-introducing the Nokia 2660 Flip, to give people these important beautiful life moments back.”

Here are the specs :

Design and Display: perfect if you’re looking for a pocketable device. It has a durable polycarbonate body with a smooth matte finish, ensuring a comfortable grip. The external display allows one to get at-a-glance information such as the time, caller ID and notifications, allowing users to stay connected without flipping open the phone.

Display and Dimensions: it has a 1.8-inch QVGA main display, with clear and vibrant visuals. Its dimensions are 107.15 x 49.5 x 16.4 mm when unfolded and weighs 94.2 grams, a lightweight phone compared to most.

Battery Life: Nokia says the 2660 Flip has a long-lasting battery life of 900mAh that can last up to 25 days of standby time. The battery is removable, just like in old times.

Connectivity and Network: Nokia 2660 Flip has dual SIM functionality,  so you can handle both your numbers seamlessly.  5G? Nope. 2G. Which, to be honest, is not so bad for places where 3G/4G/5G networks are limited.

Storage and Memory: Don’t go downloading the entire internet for this phone just yet! It only has 4MB of internal storage, so you can save contacts, messages, and very few other files. The 4MB RAM, enables the phone can run optimally with this storage and to handle your small tasks.

Camera and Multimedia: The Nokia 2660 Flip is really useful if you just want to communicate via calls or SMS. The rear-facing VGA camera would probably give you unInstagrammable quality pics but it’s ok for basic shots. You canhowever stay entertained with the FM radio and MP3 player, even with a  3.5mm jack.

Connectivity and Extras: It has Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, an LED flashlight if you need them.


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    How much is the 2660 going for?


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