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Highlights of the Samsung Africa Forum 2015

2015-02-27 12.18.50This year’s Samsung Africa Forum was held in Antalya, Turkey on the 20th of February, and we got to go. The point of the Forum is to showcase some of the major innovations in technology that Samsung has for Africa this year.

Held under the theme “One Beat; Beyond The Limit”, th eforum was all about showing how the tech giant aims to become Africa’s number one brand of choice, with possible production plants for their technological products distributed all over Africa and kept up to the same standards across all boards.

The company also wants to offer a wider range of products than what it is currently offering, to meet even more of the consumer’s needs.

George Ferreira, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Samsung Africa, spoke at the forum and stated that Samsung wants to go beyond its limits, and pointed out 5 aspects that it wants to aspire to:

  • Beyond experiences
  • Beyond technology
  • Beyond lifestyles
  • Beyond insights
  • Beyond citizenships

Their going beyond experiences, beyond technology and beyond lifestyles will mean creating healthier and technology that makes everyday activities easier to do, with the most fulfilling user experience.

Beyond insights means Samsung will strive to understand what happens inside each environment in which their market is present. This will help them create products that consumers really need, not what Samsung thinks they want.

Beyond citizenship means Samsung will continue to give back to the communities they are present in by offering solutions to problems that exist there, not necessarily always using technology. We have seen them already start the creation of  solar powered digital villages/schools across Africa to increase access to information in rural areas.

The Samsung Africa Forum 2015 was insightful, and brought us closer to the products that the Korean company has made to help Africans with various technological and other needs.


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