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Google Updates Its Gmail Contacts Manager

Previously the contacts manager in Google Gmail was a working mess, with users not being able to get the information they needed fast enough. Google has addressed the issue and cleaned it up, offering users an  update that manages contacts much better.

It filters contacts into what Google is  describing as pools (in its Gmail blog) so that you can see the people you talk to the most all at once.

Contacts are sorted out into pools on the left side

There was also the problem  of having duplicate contacts so Google has added a “Find Duplicate” feature that will search your contacts list for contacts that appear twice and and allows you to merge.

When a contact changes their public profile information, you don’t have to manually edit the contact yourself. The new contacts manager will do it for you, saving you time and keeping you connected.

Another feature that’s been added enable you to see your recent events and conversations that you shared with each contact. More like a chat log.

The app is only working with Gmail users for now while those with Google Apps will have to wait.

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