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Google I/O 2014 Conference Expectations for #TeamAndroid


For every Android lover here’s a few things we should look forward to at this year’s Google I/O 2014 conference which is a developers’ conference held by Google itself every year. It takes place tomorrow in California, USA and we have some expectations of our own:

1. We’re expecting  Google to present tonnes of robotic machines to be showcased for various purposes. Yes, people, the age of the machines is here!

2. Then we also expect more smartwatches and other wearable tech to be introduced or ideas to be showcased. Can they please roll out a Google  watch already?! Almost all other Android using brands like Samsung and Motorola have watches (Samsung Gear Fit and Moto 360 respectively) on the Google Android platform so why not just create their own?


3. For the avid gamer we expect more Android gaming apps or even gadgets that provide gaming support for the devices already available.

4. We also expect more in-car technology running on the Android platform to be revealed, or atleast prototypes shown. GM,Hyundai, Honda and Audi are reported to already be on board with this.

5. Another operating system! It might start with an ‘L’ and a lot of speculation suggests it might be Android Lollipop. It will be the Android 5.0 OS and it is well overdue seeing as the recent versions have been rolled almost the same number of months after the other and it has been almost the same amount months since the last one 4.4 KitKat version.

6. Updates to the Google Nexus tablet might be also announced in terms of updates and hardware.

7. Smarter home appliances might be introduced as well as Android TV, to compete with other brands like Amazon TV, and maybe even our very own common DStv.

8. Google Glass may finally be internationally rolled out after over a year of being a test product.


9. Chrome OS may become available on touch devices like native Chromebooks, or we might see a merge of both Chrome and Android soon.

10. Improvements to Project Ara, the smartphone that has upgradeable parts and can be built by oneself.


We can only wait and see what will come out from tomorrow’s event for Android lovers, hopefully it will be very progressive. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for the event.

Image Credits: Google+,  Engadget, Techradar, Entrepreneur



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