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Google Doodle in World Cup Frenzy


Today’s Google Doodle is humorous to say the least.

We all have that one boss we act serious-at-work around right? Google took the idea and made it today’s Google Doodle.

It starts with a group of letters forming the word ‘Google’ seated around a table watching a match on TV and cheering on whoever’s playing. This is then followed by a letter ‘B’ (for boss?) wearing glasses beneath angry eyebrows, and holding a clipfolder who passes by the group.

As he passes them, one of the letters, ‘e’ to be specific (for employee?), then switches the channel to a flow chart presentation.

As soon as Boss ‘B’ passes, ‘e’ switches back to the football channel and the cheering continues.

Not sure if this happens at Google itself or it was hypothetical, but in a soccer loving country such as Zambia, we bet this is the scenario in every workplace that has a TV, or PC/laptops with internet connectivity. Albeit even other places have their TVs just turned on to the soccer-screening channels.

We just hope the World Cup 2014 doesn’t slacken productivity, though from the looks of things it may have slowed already. The numerous conversations on social media such as Facebook and Twitter are all about the games lately.

Until the games end, the hashtag #WorldCup will dominate all platforms.

Let us know your favorite Goodle Doodle so far in the ‘comments’ section below.






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