Google Doodle celebrates John Venn’s 180th birthday, with Venn diagrams


Venn Diagrams were probably first introduced to everyone in primary school. The struggle that was to create 2 or 3 perfect circles that may or may not have intersected is an all familiar thing to many of us.

Today, however, is the 180th birthday of the creator of the Venn diagram, John Venn, and Google honored him with a Doodle in interactive Venn diagrams that web surfers can create on their own. You can choose the items to go into one circle, then fill the other one, and if they have things in common they will merge and intersect to form a complete Venn diagram. An animated John Venn will then appear with the tag “John Venn’s 180th Birthday” under it. Google users can then share the diagram Google+, Facebook and Twitter.



John Venn passes away in 1923 but it’s good to see Google still honouring such an important creation that has been around for  a very long time and is still useful to today’s scholars.

English Mathematician John Venn (1834 – 1923)

Google is ever changing Doodles to commemorate special people or events. Just take a look at some of the most memorable ones here.

You can read more about how Google Doodle engineers Corrie Scalisi and Mark Ivey created this particular Doodle here.

Image Credits: Google, History


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