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Google Chrome for mobile hits 1 billion MAUs


To celebrate its 50th update of Chrome, Google announced that they have passed the 1 billion monthly active user (MAU) mark on their mobile version for Android and iOS. They seemed a bit ecstatic about it on Twitter too:

We can’t believe it’s already our 50th release! Time flies when you’re speeding things up. pic.twitter.com/U2epSJvPHs

The infographic they shared shows that they load 771 billion pages every month, save over 500 billion searches because of the suggestion that pop-up once users start typing a search, and have saved over 2 million gigabytes for users due to its data-saving features.  That’s a whole load of browsing, folks!

So, how did they do it?

It has become a lot of users’ default browser on mobile phones across the world, thanks to Google’s various range of indexed content, its autocomplete feature that finishes off what you’re searching for, and it’s easy-to-use functions.

It is also being pushed by its use on the Android platform, which is making up over 80% of mobile market-share.

The desktop MAU of 1 billion was reached in May 2015, so this is another milestone Google can give themselves a pat on the web back for 🙂


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