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Fitbit launches ‘Fitbit for Windows 10’ app


Smart watch brand Fitbit has announced the introduction of Windows 10 compatibility to its devices in the form of an app, Fitbit for Windows 10 for its devices like the Fitbit Flex, which we reviewed. 


With Windows 10 made to sync across devices, this gives Fitbit a larger sea of devices to cast their fitness net in. The app allows users to personalize the interface and set their own fitness goals, which the app tracks daily or as scheduled by the user.


With Cortana major feature of Windows 10, fitbit users will be able to speak to their devices and get responses through the digital assistant for tasks users want performed. This is great because the devices have a small screen and it takes a while to focus on inputting a command manually, probably having to stop whatever one is doing but with Cortana, one has to simply voice out commands and carry on about their business.


However, the Fitbit for Windows 10 app will only be a success if Windows 10 is adopted by users around the world in numbers.

You can get the Fitbit app here if you own the smart device.

(All images courtesy of Fitbit)


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